When you absolutely have to stand out from the crowd

High quality offset printing and a wide selection of papers add up to a premium product that projects an image of professionalism and value.

Offset Printing

Choices, Choices, Choices …

One of the beauties of offset printing is the wide range of choices available. We take pride in helping you choose the right papers, inks, and finishes that will make your offset printed project spectacular.

Paper is an Important Part of Picture

Unlike the smaller set of papers used for digital printing, our offset presses can print on almost any paper made, including specialty papers such as kraft paper, parchment, or waterproof Kimdura (for a fisherman’s guide, perhaps).

Inks and Finishes Galore

Go way beyond the limitations of the four stock inks (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black). Our offset printing process lets you use metallics, pastels, Day-Glo colors, or that custom Pantone color that is an important part of your corporate identity.

Here’s Where the T&N Offset Magic Happens

Heidleberg makes some of the best offset printing presses in the world, so naturally we have quite a few of them. They make complex processes easier and deliver maximum production quality. Let us show you what these wonderful presses can do.

The Beauty of Offset

Our offset presses can handle from 1-color up to 5-color printing in a single pass. Varnish and aqueous coatings are also available.