Digital Printing

Including: Short Run Repro • Custom Imprinting • Large Format

Our Digital Printing department provides short run color printing with fast turnaround at an economical price, as well as photocopying and large format imaging.

The Advantages of Digital Printing
  • Low minimum quantity. Because digital printing requires no prepress or makeready, you can economically produce a handful of pieces.
  • Quick turnaround. Where offset printing requires turnaround times in days or weeks, digital turnaround times are often measured in hours.
  • Digital is very consistent. Because each piece is imaged independently from the original digital file, there is usually less variation in a digital run than when using offset technology
  • Customization. Each piece of a digital printing run can be customized. This is called variable data printing and uses information from a database to change the content of the print run without stopping the press.
  • Accurate proofing. Digital printing features completely accurate proofing since the proof is an actual sample of the final product.

Digital printing is an increasingly popular choice. But offset can still be the better choice. If you have any questions about which you should use, feel free to contact us and we will help you make the decision.

Large Format Imaging at T&N Printing
Special Types of Low Volume Reproduction

There are two special capabilities that apply to the low volume repro market. One is simple Photocopying and has the advantage of being very inexpensive. We offer color and B&W photocopying up to 11” x 17” size. The other is Large Format Imaging. We can produce high-quality color printouts up to 60” wide. Consider pairing this beautiful output with mounting and lamination for a truly stunning final product.

Digital Printing Equipment
  • 3 Oce Plot Wave 900 wide format printers
  • 2 Ricoh High Speed B/W Digital Copiers with multiple finisher options
  • Konica Minolta Biz Hub Pro 1200 Digital B/W Copier with multiple finisher options
  • 2 Canon 6010 VP Digital Color Presses with multiple finisher options
  • Konica Minolta Biz Hub Pro 6501 Pro Digital Color Copier with multiple finisher options
  • Oki Model CX 3641 Digital Envelope Press
  • Oki Model  C941 Digital Envelope Press
  • Oki Model DP100 Digital Envelope Press
  • Oce Color Wave 600 high speed wide format color plotter
  • Oce TCS 500 Wide format 36inch color scanner & plotter combo
  • HP z3200 12 color 44 inch high resolution color plotter
  • HP z3200 8 color 44 inch high resolution color plotter
  • HP z6800 8 60 inch high resolution color plotter
  • Various GBC punch units for traditional GBC, spiral and metal bindings
  • “JBI Alpha Doc” high speed automated book punch unit