Conservation at T&N

At T&N we rocognize our responsibility to the environment and to the community where we live and work. We have been working hard to reduce waste, recycle and reuse materials whenever possible, and mitigate or eliminate environmentally hazardous materials from all our processes. These are our most recent conservation initiatives.

No More Isopropyl Alcohol

We have eliminated the alcohol-additive fountain solution in our presses, improving worker safety and the pressroom environment.

Reduced Volatile Organic Compounds

We have reduced the use of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in our printing inks, emphasising alternative soy and vegetable oil based products.

Environmentally Friendly Aqueous Coatings

We have replaced on-press oil based coatings with environmentally-friendly aqueous coatings, eliminating petroleum and VOCs.

Eliminated Pre-press Film & Chemistry

The preparation of offset printing plates historically used caustic and hazardous chemicals. Our SCREEN direct-to-plate pre-press system eliminates the use of film and the chemistry entirely.  Additionally we recycle nearly 4,000 pounds of aluminum plates each year.

AGFA GreenWorks Program

AGFA has recognized T&N Printing with their GreenWorks program for reducing the environmental impact of our platemaking process. This was accomplished by lowering processing temperatures by 65% and reducing water requirements through recirculation and filtration.

Waste Paper Repulping & Remanufacturing

All of our waste paper and trimmings are now transported to a facility in Richmond for repulping and remanufacturing.  This reuse of materials averages 15-20 tons per month.